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Shu-Torun was a volcanic, resource-rich planet located in the Mid Rim region of the galaxy. Its infrastructure was powered by the Spike, a massive structure built by the first settlers. The planet was ruled by a royal family which controlled the planet's ore-supplying nobles that held to a distinct obsession of courtly rituals and pageantry, but was also under the control of the Galactic Empire during the Imperial Era. The ore-dukes of the planet rebelled against the Empire, leading to a war that resulted in an Imperial victory with the help of the newly-promoted Queen Trios. After Trios feigned allegiance to the Rebel Alliance, only to betray them, causing the loss of much of their fleet, Leia Organa devised a plan to attack Shu-Torun and destroy the Spike as an economic strike against the Empire. However, the extremist Partisans, who had been recruited to assist with the plan, overloaded the Spike so that it would rip Shu-Torun apart. Attempting to defend her planet, Trios was killed by Organa, who was unaware of the Partisans' plan.

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