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I LIKE TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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6+ years member.
Also if people on here aren't familiar with the word s**t, they must be very uptight or too young to be on the internet
6+ years member.

what is your problem, your acting like your 6. You practically hump Galactus's leg and you don't stop going on. I'm fine just talking nicely with people, but when i said something about doing the Avengers you had a hissy fit

6+ years member.
k, it's just that it seems like some of you guys can edit the site and add shit
6+ years member.
the dc universe online trailer isnt in the comic universe and Superman was raged as a banana and shazam is stronger than black adam
6+ years member.

Don't go shouting your mouth of before you know anything
6+ years member.
Are these people your mates or something galactus
6+ years member.
they are now but not before i made my comment

6+ years member.
No point coming on this site, the info isn't accurate, most characters and teams haven't been done and the creator is never on
6+ years member.
also where's the Avengers?????

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