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Shiori Kujou

Shinza Banshou

Shiori Kujou's powers and abilities

Kujou Koujin-Ryu

The martial arts of the Kujou Clan. It focuses on ki manipulation and intense training of the spirit. Circulating ki through the body, amplifying the flow, and releasing it enables highly trained user to fight for a long period of time with almost no loss in stamina. Techniques include: launching explosive punches that dispel distortions and restores the stamina and morale of hundreds of nearby people, directing the power of a punch to bypass all defenses, converting lust into power, and creating artificial limbs.

Kugutsu no Hou

Artificial limbs were given to her by Ryuumei after their defeat at Fuwa no Seki. It is indistinguishable from her flesh, allowing precise movement and toughness depends on its user's ki.


Dharani Marishiten

Shiori's Distortion and an evolved form of a Kujou clan technique. It creates "images" of herself from an infinite number of parallel worlds and causes them to manifest on the battlefield to aid her, attacking from multiple directions and angles, swapping positions with her to and sneak into her opponent's blind spots, and dodging attacks by switching places with an image that is not going to be struck.


Koroshinmu Marishiten

Shiori's Taikyoku, and the ultimate form of her Distortion. It allows her to create infinite possibilities without limitation, switching between them freely, and creating new ones from scratch.



Intelligence200 IQ

Super Powers