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Voted: Superman

This would be an epic battle. Superman asking "What do I have to do to kill you?" and eventually figuring it out. But imagine the fun it would be trying over and over again.
Voted: Thanos

Thanos is fun evil supervillain that has fantastic powers. Teaching superhero's a lesson is what makes him so interesting. Same thing would happen to Superman, he would take the beating of his life (if he lived). The only ones who believe that Superman would truly win have an "Obsessive love disorder" with the Superman character.
Voted: Silver Surfer

This would be an epic battle
Not voted yet

would be a very cool battle. but I just can't choose on this one
223 days ago
The Shadow
Anyone else love The Shadow? (old school)
Voted: Spectre

Superman gets spanked. This would last about 1 second so it's not really a battle
Voted: Thor

Superman is an alien "man"! Thor is the "God of Thunder". But don't worry they will create "Superman 1 Billion" and "Superman Armor of Infinity" etc, etc until he is the most boring God of all Superheros.
Voted: Doctor Strange

Strange banished the Hulk, destroyed all Vampires, and other great story lines. Fate was a typical sidekick

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