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Latest comments

Voted: Anti-Monitor (COIE)

multiverse 98% vs infinite universe 😁 AM win easily
Voted: Superman Cosmic Armor

CA superman is Superman read the comic 😀
and CA superman stomp this overrated bi*ch without trouble. And he is still winning 😀
This is the ugly truth wanda fanboyz.
Voted: Parallax

What form of parallax can win?
Voted: Over Monitor

Over-Monitor easily
Voted: Darkseid

But this is Avatar Darkseid. Trueself win easily
Voted: Superman Cosmic Armor

I see now u are a big SW fanboy/girl,cuz u vote wanda in every battle 😁 The ugly truth here CAS stomp wanda pretty easily.
And sry dude,but Cosmic Arm Supes is Superman. Thats why he looks like superman,and his name is cosmic armored SUPERMAN.
Voted: Darkseid (True Form)

Darkseid stomp,this is not even a fight.
Voted: Parallax

Parallax stomp here

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