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Shadow Lass

Shadow Lass

Tasmia Mallor

Prime DC Comics Universe

Shadow Lass's powers and abilities

Talokite Physiology

As a non-terrestrial being, a Talokite's body chemistry is different from that of a normal human, providing them with different physical attributes, such as the ability to exist in the vacuum of space longer than a normal human.

Darkness Manipulation

She can cast dark-fields preventing all light from reaching an area from outside. These can either be complete, effectively rendering useless all light sources within the area, or hollow to allow the interior to be lit. She can also solidify these fields, to use as a more direct weapon. Shadow Lass has the power to create darkness 100 times darker than a moonless night. Her black shadows are impenetrable by light.


She has shadow-sensitive eyes that give her the ability to see in darkness. She can draw strength from the slightest shadow or dark corner. She can also build up her power by wrapping her face in the folds of her cape and shielding her eyes from glare. As she expands her shadow nearer to light sources the pressure becomes greater, her mind feeling like it's on fire.


Unarmed Combat

Shadow Lass is a superb athlete and hand-to-hand combatant who learned great fighting skill from her native people as their chosen champion. After joining the Legion, Tasmia's fighting skill grew even more formidable after she trained with martial arts master Karate Kid and other Legionnaires.



Intelligence140 IQ
Strength400 kg • 882 lb
Speed50 m/s

Super Powers

IntelligenceStaminaAgilityDarkforce ManipulationFlightLight ControlShadow ManipulationStealth