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Voted: Doctor Strange (MCU)

Random encounter: Stephen
Give preperation for both: Constantine ( with this gun he could just shot doctor )
Voted: Bayonetta

nope. not on her own. But with Balder or Jeanne can via Queen Sheba or Omne
48 days ago
Mon-El (CW)
@Bane: Earth-38 characters are extremely underrated. They are much more powerful than people realise. Reign is practically by her feats moon-small planet lvl and Kara is inferior but she could even suprise her and knock her out.
Martian is jobber, he rarely uses his full potential but once he has beaten easily Kara who already had strenght to thrown Fort Rozz ( 1 milion ton ) to space which reached star system far away 12304 light years in 1.5 year ( ok i know in s1 it wasn't moving at mtfl speed but writers tried to completely finish this thread of this prison, but then current showing has shown she already threwn this at that godly speed ). She already stoped this mtfl Exodus ship, can fly at 60% SoL speed, has many magic resistance feats, super thunderclap, godly powerful heatvision and freezebreath
I think Mon-El Strenght should be amped like he could ( still inferior even in flight ) but had enough strenght to even lose Reign guard down while standing on Earth.
Not voted yet

Stalemate. Kal is more consistent but Kara has better high end showings
Voted: Supergirl (CW)

Kara stomps. This is not even funny. She is too strong, too durable, too fast, tanked greater piercing weapons than Stormbreaker etc. Kara, but i love Thor more
Voted: Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet MCU)

Not voted yet

Voted: Superman (DCEU)

How Thor can tag him ? Thor has **** blunt force resistance so gets K.oed by several punches
48 days ago
Mon-El (CW)
@Bane: I think his combats should be high like how he has beaten this giant mech dinosaurus via cape whipping or could even suprise serious Reign standing on ground ( who is then mystically amped by power of Earth planet ).

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