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Sergei (Seven Deities)


Asura's Wrath

Sergei's powers and abilities

Combat Prowess: Sergei on his own was able to destroy several large Gohma in one hit on his own which are easily planet-level-sized beings.

Mantra of Vanity: Sergei controls the power of Vanity. He is able to harness Mantra and absorb it to make his power and physical attributes stronger just like the other Deities can.

Immortality: Like all other Deities once they were reincarnated as the Eight Generals they could not age. Sergei is widely believed to be 20 in appearance but has lived for 12,000+ years. Sergei cannot be destroyed by conventional means, can only be destroyed by other deities or the Gohma.

Absorption: Can harness souls from the fallen growing his power.

Sergei's weaknesses

Other Deities or Gohma: These are the only beings that are able to defeat Sergei.



Intelligence170 IQ
Strength400+ tons
Speed1x Speed of Sound

Super Powers

ImmortalityMaster Martial Artist