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Prime Marvel Universe

Serafina's powers and abilities

  • Mind-control: Has ability to take over others' minds, and can use their powers at will by connecting to them with her wires.

  • Cyberpathy: She is able to disrupt or manipulate the processes of advanced machinery, even nano-machines.

  • Cloaking: She infiltrated the X-Mansion undetected, both invisible to the naked eye and to telepaths. Whether she actually became invisible or used telepathy to erase her presence for the minds of others is unknown. She can also extend her cloak to an entire aircraft, or to other similarly augmented individuals, through the use of her cyberpathy.



Intelligence130 IQ
Strength125 kg • 276 lb
Speed8 m/s

Super Powers

CloakingMind ControlTechnopath/Cyberpath