Sea Destroyer

Sea Destroyer


Sea Destroyer's powers and abilities

The limit of the Sea Destroyers powers is unknown. However, with the full potential of the Mega Oceans (Infinite in size and classified as a Multiverse), Sea Destroyer has virtually limitless power. Its full potential is unknown but many powers have been discovered.

Absorption: Sea Destroyer can absorb any known substance and nullify or contain it. If nullified, it cannot be used by the opponent for eternity but if contained, the power can be reflected, used as a defensive move or stored as energy or later use.

Acceleration: Sea Destroyer is accelerated in anything. This means that it can heal with high acceleration, and adapt to opponents or new superpowers with ease and more.

Animal Control/Mind Control: Sea Destroyer can control anything with a thought. This line is mostly about its control against Living Creatures/Objects. It is mostly seen controlling aquatic creatures, but it is revealed that he has controlled other animals and humans.

Animation: Sea Destroyer can bring anything it wishes to life. It is seen resurrecting all of the element gods and has brought the Mega Oceans to life.

Astral Projection: Sea Destroyer very often leaves defeated enemies in their spiritual form in case they'd later be a threat.

Sea Destroyer's powers are virtually limitless and it isn't possible to be written down by a normal human. This is still in progress.



Intelligence200 IQ

Super Powers