Sea Destroyer

Sea Destroyer


Sea Destroyer's History

God: Sea Destroyer was formed by a void beyond time and space. The void expanded as it formed into particles and atoms which then gained shape and size. After much time of thinking of his existence, Sea Destroyer gained life and started creating the Mega Oceans which also led into the creation of Universes, Solar Systems, Stars, Suns, Planets, Moons until it decided to give birth to a new form of life. He decided to create "Humans".

After forming the humans, he viewed their behaviour and created Food, Wood and more to help humans continue. He even created legends and myths and even Gods to watch humans. After they had multiple conflicts, Sea Destroyer went in a rage and created and underground world known as "Hell" and banished many humans there to serve as demons. However, this caused him also to create emotions. The humans learned to do many things with the new emotions, such as not causing or fighting wars.

Sea Destroyer continued expanding the universe, until his mental state crippled. His creations became evil and he fought all of his creations apart from humans that could threaten them. After being outnumbered and as every second his mind crippled, he rethought his existence. He discovered he had to help the universe carry on. He completed this, but it destroyed him. His mind went blank. He took the form of his creation, humans. As he did, he forgot everything he knew.


Sea Destroyer found himself among his creations; time, space, humans. He took the name "Et Fortes" and did everything among humans. However, part of his memory pieced together. However, his brain didn't recieve any damage. Every second, a new memory came to his mind. Eventually, during a carnival among humans, he fully remembered everything and started taking the form of The Sea Destroyer. The humans looked interested. They started admiring him and eventually wowing him! He had pieced his mind together. This caused him into becoming Omniscient. He had adapted to human worlds, something he had never done. He became Omnipresent. Finally, as he had pieced his mind together, he could control his power and he became Omnipotent!

Modern Nowadays, Sea Destroyer rests. Now that he knows everything, he knows he has no need to rethink the world so often. He knows that the world can discover many things without him and maybe becoming a bit like the "Sea Destroyer"!