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Hanzo Hasashi

Injustice (2013-2017 Games and Comics)

Scorpion's powers and abilities

Scorpion is an undead wraith spawned from the Netherrealm, imbued with the very fires of the realm to call and command at his will. Prior to his unlife, he was a skilled assassin and ninja who had mastered the rope dart, a dagger attached to a rope that he would throw to impale his adversary before yanking them back over. After being reborn as an undead, he replaces the rope with a chain and can imbue the blade with hellfire. As an assassin, Scorpion is well versed in the art of combat, able to fight just as well with his hands as he can with a twin set of swords he wields on his back.

His nature as an undead wraith affords him greater durability than he possessed in life, and his control over hellfire enhances his lethal prowess. Scorpion can imbue his fists or weapons, especially bladed, with hellfire for added damage, use it to teleport around the battlefield, usually behind his opponent, and even conjure small portals into the Netherrealm to summon a demonic familiar to snatch his opponent.