Sandman (SONY)

Sandman (SONY)

Flint Marko


Sandman (SONY)'s powers and abilities

Body Conversion-Sand

Due to the particle accelerator that fused sand particles to his cells, Sandman possesses the ability to either shape-shift himself into anything. It has granted him superhuman strength, durability, ageless immortality, flight via a sandstorm and can self reform his missing body parts.


Due to sand particles replacing his cells, he cannot die by natural means. Due to his nature, he is also nearly impossible to truly destroy.


He can absorb sand particles to increase his size, density & physical attributes. This was seen in his last battle with Spider-Man and the New Goblin. He is even able to transform his limbs into large hammers or large fists to further enhance his physical strikes.

Superhuman Strength

Being able to harden his sand into actual rock, his strength is far stronger than that of an average human. He was able to send Spider-Man flying through the doors of an armored truck with just one mild strike.

Superhuman Durability

Being able to harden parts of his body, he becomes superhumanly durable. Bullets can easily pass or go straight through him as they cannot harm him at all.


By transforming himself into a sand storm, the Sandman can fly across the air at great speeds.


Sandman has his version of regenerative healing, by reforming instantaneously. He managed to reform half of his head instantaneously.

Superhuman Stamina

Due to his body being composed if sand particles, he cannot tire, since he cannot produce fatigue at all.