Samus Aran



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Hey, @Galactus, I'm new here so idk how this works, but I'd love to help out in giving you info about certain characters. Samus is my fav character of all time, so I'd like to at the very least give you info about her.
Full Name - Samus Aran
Altar Egos - none
Aliases - The Entrusted One, The Hunter, The Protector of the Galaxy, Lady,
Place of birth - Colony K-2L
First Appearance - Metroid - August 6, 1986
Creator - Nintendo
Alignment - Chaotic Good

Appearance section is perfect, but she weighs 198 pounds.

Occupation - Bounty Hunter
Base - none specified

Teams - Galactic Federation
Relatives - Rodney Aran - Father. Virginia Aran - Mother. Solomon Aran - semi confirmed brother.
Nemesis- Ridley.

As I said, Samus is without a doubt my favorite character of all time, and I hope this info helps in filling her out. She is basically a superhero, after all.