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Favorite Characters: Flash and Iron Man and Obi Wan Kenobi

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2+ years member.
Element Girl - Urania "Rainie" Blackwell - DC Comics
2+ years member.
Voted: Doctor Strange

I think this is a really tough one because they are both strong magicians with incredible power but I have to go with Dr. Strange in this one
2+ years member.
I personally LOVE The Flash and he is my favorite superhero so I would say him. He is faster, funnier, smarter and in my opinion, cooler. It might be a hard decision for some people but it's easy for me!
2+ years member.
But I agree with @flamingtayo about the fact that Marvel character are beatable (except for TOAA and Living Tribunal and all those) while a lot of the DC Characters (like Superman and The Presence and all those) are almost unbeatable.
2+ years member.
It all depends on the age group and they're opinion. Marvel is for more of the young age group while DC is more for mature and young adults and up. in my opinion, it is very hard to decide because I love both but if I had to choose it would be DC Comics but it is a very hard choice.