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Rote Spinne

Shinza Banshou

Rote Spinne's History

Information about Spinne from before the events of the Transmutation of Gold in Suwahara City is scarce. A latecomer to the ranks of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden, Spinne was introduced to the group by Valeria Trifa, a factor which likely played into his trust of the man many years later. Originally a scientist, Spinne was a sadistic man to the very core, enjoying experimenting on humans, as well as mauling and killing them for his own amusement, often via strangling them with wire. Before joining the Golden Beast's Fangs, he was in charge of a concentration camp at Warsaw under Nazi Germany's authority, role he used to carry out his deeds. After being inducted into the ranks of the Black Round Table, Spinne learned Ewigkeit from Mercurius, like his peers did.

After his induction, Spinne played the role of management for their organization's funds, as well as took care of stuff that required a more subtle, behind the scenes approach, which his peers surely wouldn't be able to pull off well enough, such as information gathering. His role in the mannagement of the Black Round Table's money became even more pronounced after Adolf Eichmann abandoned his duties in that field.

It is unknown if he ever took part in Magician Hunting. However, he ought to have used the multiple battles of World War II to store souls, until the time Reinhard Heydrich beckoned his Claws and Fangs to his side.