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Battles created by Root

Team 1 Team 2
Team Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)Team Death Of The Endless3 y 29102
Team Scarlet Witch (Earth-58163)Team Darkseid3 y 27202
Team TiamutTeam Scathan3 y 25502
Team DormammuTeam Shuma Gorath3 y 26302
Team MetronTeam Shuma Gorath3 y 19002
Team Swamp Thing (World Tree)Team Chaos War Hercules3 y 24102
ProtegeCosmic Armor Superman3 y 11001
Team BeyonderTeam Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)3 y 11001
Team Shuma GorathTeam Anti-Monitor (AU)3 y 14101
Doctor Strange (Classic) & SupermanThor & Sentry3 y 8001
Team Mister MxyzptlkTeam Dormammu3 y 16001
UltimatorMister Mxyzptlk3 y 8101
Team ScathanTeam Beyonder3 y 12001
Team Batman (Final Batsuit)Team Captain America (Infinity Gauntlet)2 y 11001
Team BeyonderTeam Scathan3 y 8001
Team BatmanTeam Purple Man3 y 14101
Team High EvolutionaryTeam Apocalypse3 y 6101
Team TiamutTeam Akhenaten3 y 8301
Team HulkTeam Husk3 y 9001
Team ThorTeam Dark Phoenix3 y 8001