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Voted: Hulk

Boi superman couldn't beat the hulk. your logic is flawed.
Voted: Hulk

Voted: Hulk

OMG do you not know hulk's powers??? He is cold and heat resistant. and X-ray vision don't do ****. Hulk would win easily superman would just keep hitting him angrier and sooner rather then later hulk will just smash and superman is gone.
Voted: Team Captain America

Boi superman can't physically beat Hulk.Iron Man maybe. Cap would probably lose too but after giving a great fight. For Pete sake he freakin stopped a punch from thanos with the gauntlet I sure he can handle a couple punches from super man. Even then Thor and Hulk would destroy superman and batman both.
Voted: Avengers

But we have a HULK
Voted: Hulk

M8 in WWH Hulk the big guy didn't just beat Strange once but twice. Marvel has indicated that Strange must wiggle and jiggle his hands to cast a spell. All hulk got to do is break his hands and he is gone. According to the stats Strange is way more powerful then Fate making the connection to an easy win for hulk against Doctor Fate
Voted: Hulk

Hulk has powers that counter act all of zod's