Robin II

Robin II

Jason Todd


Robin II's powers and abilities



In his training as Robin he has been taught acrobatics. He further practices his abilities as the Red Hood even going so far as to chase the Batman Family around just to test his speed.


Jason has driven a variety of vehicles from cars and boats, to being trained in the Middle East by an ace pilot to fly helicopters.


Having been trained by Batman, Jason has perfect aim when using batarangs and later, firearms. To increase his skill with firearms he went a step further than Batman on his journey around the world to learn from the masters how to kill a target with different types of guns.

Genius Level Intellect

Jason has received excellent education and tutoring from Batman, and thus has extensive knowledge of various subjects, which include Science, Mathematics, Forensic Medicine, Geography, History, and Leadership. He has also proven to be a highly efficient criminal strategist and organise as the Red Hood.[citation needed]



Taught by a world renowned bomb expert in Russia, Jason is able to assemble and defuse a wide variety of conventional explosive devices, from improvised to military grade designs.


Taught by Batman, Jason is fluent in several languages having spoken English, French, German, Italian and various others with Russian being his weakest.


Jason has shown some skill as a detective.

Martial Arts

Jason Todd is a highly skilled combatant, showing his skill in fighting Nightwing and even Batman. He has overpowered Tim Drake at Titans Tower. Jason's fighting style focuses on brutality, strength, and speed; he is shown to have studied over half-a dozen fighting styles and has proven to be a master of Aikido, Capoeira, Karate, Ninjutsu, Savate, Krav Maga, Kickboxing, and Tae Kwon Do. He has received extensive training from Batman, and after his resurrection, had traveled the world, learning every form of martial arts he could, just as Batman did.


Although contradictory to his once childish nature, Jason's learned to survey his targets before attacking and killing them. He spends long hours scouting targets and assuring that they deserve his brand of justice.


Jason has shown to be skilled enough to hold his own against the Green Arrow in a sword fight until he ultimately lost.


Jason is an expert marksman and highly skilled with throwing weapons, such as batarangs and knives.


Jason is highly skilled in the use of many weapons, including firearms and knives.

Strength Level

160 kg • 353 lb

Super Powers

AgilityMarksmanshipStaminaStealthWeapons Master