Rip Hunter (CW)

Rip Hunter (CW)



Rip Hunter (CW)'s powers and abilities

Genius-Level Intellect/Expert Tactician/Leader

As a former Time Master, Rip has an immense understanding of the flow of time, able to calculate what events will affect the time-stream and by how small/large a margin. Rip is very intelligent as he is the creator of the first time sphere. He also knows a lot about the flow of the timeline, able to calculate every change and its consequences. Rip is a great leader as he led the Legends while they were fighting Vandal Savage. He later creates the Time Bureau to replace the Time Master after he didn't see any reason to stay on the ship if he wasn't captain.

Master Engineer

Rip is shown to be extremely skilled in building and repairing time travel technology, building the first time sphere and teaching Jax everything on how to repair the Waverider. Also, during his last 5 years, he was able to create a device that opens portals.


Rip can speak his native British-dialect English, as well as Arabic due to his extensive studying of the League of Assassins.

Expert Combatant

Rip is a very skilled combatant, as he was able to go toe-to-toe with Vandal Savage in his earlier years, and even manage to overpower and slit his throat to temporarily kill him in 1975. However, he has been shown to easily be outmatched by stronger or more skilled combatants, shown when he struggled to handle a large member of the Russian Bratva. Rip also crushed Sara Lance's throat with little effort and using only one hand, however, it is to be noted that Sara was unconscious at the time.

Master Marksman

Rip has shown high levels of skill in the use of his sidearm. As seen in a showdown in 1871, Rip is a very skilled quick-draw and sharpshooter, able to beat Jeb Stillwater with ease.

Skilled Knife Wielder

Rip was able to skillfully use a knife in a fight against Vandal Savage and slit his throat with it.