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Rindou Koga

Shinza Banshou

Rindou Koga's powers and abilities

Tenma Fukumetsu

Upon receiving the Spear of Longinus, Rindou is able to turn it into an arrow and fire it, twisting space and bypassing the concept of distance to strike her foes in a literal instant. This method of attack, combined with the true names of the Yatsukahagi, enforces "Loser" status upon the Tenma, crushing their Laws.

Longinuslanze Testament

As the most Charismatic person in her world, Rindou is eventually recognized by the Longinuslanze Testament, the Holy Relic of the late Reinhard, and received it for her own.

Amaterasu Suwasumeragi Omikami

The combined Hadou-type Taikyoku of Habaki and Rindou, illuminating the world as Izanagi and Izanami once did. It imposes the Law, "I won't give birth to (vengeful) outsiders", creating a world of coexistence and unification to provide all souls with the means to reach a bright future. It combines all of the previous Thrones ruled over the course of creation aside from Hajun's, as it was extinguished by Habaki.



Intelligence160 IQ

Super Powers