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Aincrad is the world set as the stage for «Sword Art Online», declared to be the world's first VRMMORPG in history.

Akuto Sai (void Body)
Alaric Saltzman (Alaric Saltzman)
Aldia, Scholar Of The First Sin (Aldia) -- Namco
Allegiant General Pryde (Enric Pryde) -- George Lucas
Ammonia Pine -- Disney
Antauri -- Disney
Aphrodite (Greek Mythology) (Aphrodite)
Apollo (Greek Mythology) (Apollo)
Ashi (Ashi) -- Cartoon Network
Ashley Smith -- Marvel Comics
Backfire -- Image Comics
Baggy Beagle -- Disney
Baldur (Norse Mythology) (Baldur Odinson)
Bankjob Beagle -- Disney
Baron Blitz -- Disney
Basher -- Image Comics
Bebes -- Disney
Belcher -- Image Comics
Bigtime Beagle -- Disney
Black Widow -- Hanna-Barbera
Bludgeon (Arnie Rumple) -- Image Comics
BodyCount -- Image Comics
Bones -- Power Rangers
Bouncer Beagle -- Disney
Brain Boy (Dewey Duck) -- Disney
Brainwave (Henry King, Sr.) -- DC Comics
Brand -- DC Comics
Brawn -- Image Comics
Bronze Eagle (Jim Marshall) -- Disney
Bud Ugly -- Image Comics
Bugle/Bebop Beagle -- Disney
Bugmaster (Bianca Beakley) -- Disney
Bulkhead -- Image Comics
Burger Beagle -- Disney
Burnsville Center
Burnt Ivory King (Burnt Ivory King) -- Namco
Bushroot (Dr. Reginald Bushroot) -- Disney
C-21 Highsinger -- George Lucas
Camille Chameleon -- Disney
Camille Léon -- Disney
Captain Magma (Captain Magma) -- Nickelodeon
Captain Magma (Squidward Tentacles) -- Nickelodeon
Cement Head -- Disney
Charizardite X

The Charizardite X is an item used to Mega evolve the fire type Pokemon Charizard. Two important people used this stone - Alain (Anime) and Red (Origins).

Charlie Triumph -- Image Comics
Chopper Daddy -- Disney
Coil Man -- Hanna-Barbera
Cowman (Otis) -- Nickelodeon
Crimson Centipede -- DC Comics
Cutthroat (Darrell Washington) -- Image Comics
Dark One Dagger
Darkwing Duck (Drake Mallard) -- Disney
Demona -- Disney
DNAmy -- Disney
DoubleHeader (Larry And Harry) -- Image Comics
Dr. Drakken -- Disney
Dr. Dred -- Hanna-Barbera
Dr. Linda (Linda Martin) -- DC Comics
Drak Jr. -- Hanna-Barbera
Duel Wield

A skill that allows one to attack using two swords simultaneously. The skill allows the use of unique Sword Skills that are executed with two blades.

Duff Killigan -- Disney
Dung -- Image Comics
E-11 Blaster Rifle
Eclipse The Darkling -- Sega
Eighth Brother -- George Lucas
Eileen Prince -- J. K. Rowling
Electro -- DC Comics
Elijah Mikaelson (Elijah Mikaelson)
Ella Lopez (Fox) (Ella Lopez) -- DC Comics
Embo -- George Lucas
Emil Blonsky (MCU) (Emil Blonsky) -- Marvel Comics
Eufornis Major
Evil Eye -- Image Comics
Evil Queen (Queen Grimhilde) -- Disney
Evil Stepmother (Lady Tremaine) -- Disney
Father -- Cartoon Network
Father Kinley (Fox) (William Kinley) -- DC Comics
Femto (Griffith)
Fever -- Image Comics
Fifth Brother -- George Lucas
FishFace -- Image Comics
Fluid Man -- Hanna-Barbera
Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert) -- Disney
Forge Of Creation
Frankenstein, Jr. -- Hanna-Barbera
Furious George (George Rumble) -- Image Comics
G-Max Snorlax (Snorlax) -- Nintendo
Galactic Blade

The Galactic Blade is the most powerful weapon that exist it's so powerful it can Destroy galaxys. The blade is so powerful That just the Old King Guardian can hold it

Gambler (Steven Sharpe III) -- DC Comics
Garden Gnome -- Disney
Gaston -- Disney
Gateway -- Image Comics
Giant -- Power Rangers
Gill -- Disney
Gizmoduck (Fenton Crackshell) -- Disney
Gorr The God Butcher (Necroverse) (Gorr) -- Marvel Comics
Governor Pryce (Arihnda Pryce) -- George Lucas
Great Grey Wolf Sif (Sif) -- Namco
Great Katana

can kill a god and enhances users abilities to super human levels and have skills beyond compare

Griever At The End Of All Things (Griever At The End Of All Things) -- Marvel Comics
Hardware -- Image Comics
Harlequin (Molly Mayne) -- DC Comics
Hiro Hamada (Hiro Hamada) -- Disney
Hope Mikaelson (Hope Mikaelson)
Horde -- Image Comics
Howler -- Hanna-Barbera
IG-11 (IG-11) -- George Lucas
Imposter (Alvin) -- Image Comics
Incredibubble (Spongebob Squarepants) -- Nickelodeon
Inoichi Yamanaka -- Shueisha
Iron Nail -- Marvel Comics


Isis Vanderchill -- Disney
J-19 Bo-rifle
Jack Rollins (MCU) -- Marvel Comics
Jaro Tapal (Jaro Tapal) -- George Lucas
Jojo (Jonathan Joestar)
Judge Claude Frollo (Claude Frollo) -- Disney
Justice Buster (Bruce Wayne) -- DC Comics
Kevin Feige (Kevin Feige) -- ABC Studios
Kirito (Kazuto Kirigaya)
Klaus Mikaelson (Niklaus Mikaelson)
Knives Millions (Knives Millions)
Krrish (Rohit Mehra)
Kuma (Jinnosuke)
Landon Kirby (Landon Kirby)
Laser Pirate -- Disney
Laval -- Lego
Lilliput -- Disney
Link (Hero Of The Wild) (Link) -- Nintendo
Livewire -- Image Comics
Living Bullet -- Cartoon Network
Living Tribunal (Superflow) (Living Tribunal) -- Marvel Comics
Lizzie (Elizabeth Saltzman)
Loki (Norse Mythology) (Loki)
LowBlow (Bernard) -- Image Comics
Ma Beagle -- Disney
Maker (Reed Richards) -- Marvel Comics
Mako (Lou Drumm) -- Image Comics
Mammoth -- Image Comics
Marshmallow -- Disney
Masked Mallard (Scrooge Mcduck) -- Disney
Megabyte Beagle -- Disney
Megas -- Sega
Megavolt (Elmo Sputterspark) -- Disney
Mermaid Man (Mermaid Man) -- Nickelodeon
Mezmerella -- Disney
Mikasa Ackerman (Mikasa Ackerman)
MindWarp -- Image Comics
Miss Appear (Sandy Cheeks) -- Nickelodeon
Monkey Fist -- Disney
Morgana Macawber -- Disney
Morph (Benjamin Weeds) -- Marvel Comics
Mother Gothel (Gothel) -- Disney
Motor Ed -- Disney
Mouse Man -- DC Comics
Mr. Superawesomeness (Patrick Star) -- Nickelodeon
Multi Man -- Hanna-Barbera
Mummyman -- Hanna-Barbera
Negaduck -- Disney
Neutron Bob (Robert Kearney) -- Image Comics
Nicol Bolas (Nicol) -- Hasbro
Nien Nunb (Nien Nunb) -- George Lucas
Ninth Sister (Masana Tide) -- George Lucas
Octopus (Mr. Wipple) -- Image Comics
Ocular Techniques

The user of this ability can also gain special powers from their eyes, possibly by having special eyes containing a power that gives them abilities or enhancements.

Odin (Norse Mythology) (Odin Borson)
Old Man Black Bolt (Blackagar Boltagon) -- Marvel Comics
Papa Smurf -- Cartoon Network
Paper Man (Horace Throstle) -- DC Comics
Paradox (Chris) -- DC Comics
Pascal -- Disney

A city where a superhero base is formed.

Penguie The Great (Penguie)
Penguie The Great (Penguie) -- Epic
Penguin Abilities

makes you able to beat Thanos with no powers

Perseus (Warner Bros) (Perseus)
Plank-Ton (Sheldon J. Plankton) -- Nickelodeon
Pocahontas -- Disney
Princess Jasmine (Jasmine) -- Disney
Princess Morbucks -- Cartoon Network
Professor Bubbles -- DC Comics
Professor Dementor -- Disney
Quackerjack -- Disney
Quasimodo (Quasimodo) -- Disney
Quintessa (Quintessa) -- Hasbro
Raging Woody (Woody Rumble) -- Image Comics
Ratboy (Pip) -- Nickelodeon
Rawdog -- Image Comics
Rebbeca Mikaelson (Rebbeca Mikaelson)
Red Claw -- DC Comics
Red Tool (Wayne Wilkins) -- DC Comics
Red Widow (Ava Anatalya Orlova) -- Marvel Comics
Red Widow (Winter Guard) (Unknown) -- Marvel Comics
Revy (Rebecca)
RoadBlock -- Image Comics
Robin Food -- Cartoon Network
Robo-Sumo -- Dark Horse Comics
Rope Girl (Brenda) -- Disney
Rukh -- George Lucas
Sam-R-I -- Disney
SBZ (Super BZ) -- DC Comics
Scramble (Lionel Jeffries) -- Marvel Comics
Señor Senior, Jr. -- Disney
Señor Senior, Sr. -- Disney
Second Sister (Trilla Suduri) -- George Lucas
Seventh Sister -- George Lucas
Shego -- Disney
Shinichi Izumi (Shinichi Izumi)
Silver Charge (Adam Marshall) -- Disney
Silver Racer (Ishmeet) -- Amalgam Comics
Simon The Pieman -- DC Comics
Sir Pinch-A-Lot (Eugene Krabs) -- Nickelodeon
Sixth Brother (Bil Valen) -- George Lucas
Skate Lad (Hector Felipé Corrio) -- Disney
SkullFace (David Gorelick) -- Image Comics
Slab -- Image Comics
Snorlax (Snorlax) -- Nintendo
Sour Note (Squidward Tentacles) -- Nickelodeon
Space Ghost -- Hanna-Barbera
Spectacular Spider-Man (Peter Benajmin Parker) -- Marvel Comics
Spectacular Spider-Man (Peter Benjamin Parker) -- Marvel Comics
Spectre (Asmodel) (Spectre) -- DC Comics
Spider-Man (2012)(SONY) (Peter Parker) -- Marvel Comics
Squid -- Image Comics
Starbreaker -- DC Comics
Steel Condor (Edward Marshall) -- Disney
Stegmutt -- Disney
Sugi -- George Lucas
Super Goof (Goofy) -- Disney
Super Mickey (Mickey Mouse) -- Disney
Super Power Pup (Pluto) -- Disney
Tarzan (John Clayton) -- Disney
Te Fiti (Te Fiti) -- Disney
The Elastic Wasteband (Elastic Wasteband) -- Nickelodeon
The Elastic Wasteband (Patrick Star) -- Nickelodeon
The Fiend Entity (Arnold Dimple) -- Image Comics
The Fist Of Iron/Starbrand Supreme/Master Of Mystic Vengeance Doom (Victor Von Doom) -- Marvel Comics
The Pursuer (The Pursuer) -- Namco
The Quickster (Spongebob Squarepants) -- Nickelodeon
The Rodent (Sandy Cheeks) -- Nickelodeon
Thena -- Marvel Comics
Thunderbolt Ross (Thaddeus E. Ross) -- Marvel Comics
Torment -- Image Comics
Triage -- Marvel Comics
Trixie (FOX) (Beatrice Espinoza) -- DC Comics
Tyler Rake
Tyr (Norse Mythology) (Tyr)
Ultimate Predator (Predator 2018) -- Dark Horse Comics
Ultimatum -- Image Comics
Undead King Jar-Eel (Jar-Eel) -- Namco
Update Predator
Ursula (Ursula) -- Disney
Vandal -- Image Comics
Vice Admiral Holdo (Amilyn Holdo) -- George Lucas
Volcanic -- Image Comics
Warrior Woman (Judy Marshall) -- Disney
Weed -- Image Comics
Winter (Winter Schnee)
Xemnu (Richmond Wanger) -- Marvel Comics
Zorak -- Hanna-Barbera

A planet where the Zomns and Zonms live.