Religion is NOT fictional!

Created by pRImeLiFe15, 1 y 7 mo 1 d ago.

First, I have something to say here. Why are creative characters placed on the exclusion list (just like Bloodlust and my evil Squidward version, etc) and disrespectful characters like Jesus Christ, and others, for example, are not excluded? How would you, reading it right now, feel if a person started playing with your religion? Jesus is not a fictional character, it is something that exists according to the belief of many people, so, are there characters here from Muhammad, Buddha, etc.? I searched and didn't find it, so why are there no such characters like these, but Jesus has? Enough of this implication with Christianity.Those who make it are cowards, because you know that we cannot fight back in a worse way, because, otherwise, the tactic is to say that we are hypocrites, and that "we are sinning", that we are not going according to what the religion preaches. WHO are those to be giving lessons, right... for me, having characters like Jesus, Christ, God and etc. here as if they were simply fictitious, is an ABSURD lack of respect for the religion of others. It is easy to provoke the god of peace, but it is difficult to provoke the god of war. So this rarely happens with Islam, for example, but it does with Christianity. I've had enough, man. I've had enough of this sh*t, a guy created the character of Jesus here, and made him holding a little sign with something written here. As if it were a meme. Man, stop being ridiculous. Stop with it. Do not play with Jesus. Do not play with God. God is not going to do anything with you, but just as there is God, there is also the bad part of the universe. The dark part of the universe. The punishment comes on horseback, at one time or another. DO NOT play with other people's religion. Respect comes first of all.

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Ezio 1 y 7 mo 1 d
Religion is NOT fictional!
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For your information these OC has been reported long time ago. Because of Glactus absence there are still in the site. Furthermore, if you really care about your religion never compare it like this to other religion. At the end your your OC "Squidward" is copyrighted and will be deleted like OCs you named.
So It is better to close this topic to prevent religious disputes.
pRImeLiFe15 1 y 7 mo 1 d
Religion is NOT fictional!
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That was all I wanted to say. I vented what was in my chest. I will sleep now.