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Reinhard Heydrich (Dies Irae)

Reinhard Heydrich

Reinhard Heydrich (Dies Irae)'s History

Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich (???????????????????????????, Rainharuto Torisutan Oigen Haidorihi), also called by his Demon Name, Mephistopheles (????????????, Mefisutoferesu), is the leader of the Longinus Dreizehn Orden and the main antagonist in Dies Irae. He occupies the seat I in the Obsidian Round Table.

Reinhard was born as the Apoptosis of the Mercurial Snake. As such, from birth, he possessed a soul of extremely high quality, giving him superhuman abilities. Due to possessing the Sense of Foreknowledge, he was naturally talented at everything he did and, from a young age, he had to consiously hold himself back to avoid breaking things. He would eventually become a high ranking soldier in Nazi Germany.

He was filled with a Craving for something, though nothing he did could bring him satisfaction. Leading to him living an empty existance.

But upon his awakening he became more outgoing and charismatic. Becoming filled with a powerful desire to destroy all things, for he loves all and everything.

He is a man of his word, and deeply respects his opponents. If he promises something to somebody, he will follow through with said promise. As long as they follow through with their side of the bargin.

"I want to love everything with all my power"

A beautiful wish, that manifests in a wretched form. That of destroying all things.