Red Hulk (Ghost Rider) (Venom)

Red Hulk (Ghost Rider) (Venom)

Thaddeus Ross

Red Hulk (Ghost Rider) (Venom)'s History

In Las Vegas, Blackheart, Mephisto's demonic son, opened a portal to bring Hell to Earth and overthrow his father, but only managed to bring a part of it. Venom was a fugitive there, with Red Hulk wanting to bring him to the authorities. Meanwhile, X-23 was there looking for a sample of her blood and the new Ghost Rider detected Blackheart's malevolence. Accidentally, the four heroes found themselves about to battle Blackheart.

The villain created Anthiteses of the four heroes to torment and battle them, Flash's being an Evangelist who used the symbiote, his father and his drinking problem to fight him. Though they fought well, the heroes died in the end. In Hell, Mephisto made an offer for the heroes to live in exchange for defeating Blackheart. They managed to get the Spirit of Vengeance, which had been trapped by Blackheart and wanted to get it to Blaze, in order to become the Ghost Rider again. Throughout the battle, Venom and Red Hulk were thrown away by Blackheart. Red Hulk bonded with the Spirit, becoming the new Ghost Rider with the addition of the symbiote from Flash.

Blackheart was beaten when his Antithesis was created by the Ghost Rider using the mirror which created Antithesis. Meanwhile, X-23 and Flash helped Johnny Blaze return to Hell through the dimensional portal it appeared and destroy it. When Las Vegas returned to normal, Red Hulk returned Spirit of Vengeance to Alejandra and the symbiote to Flash. When the Secret Avengers arrived, Captain America tried to take Venom to custody, but he convinced Cap to let him join the Secret Avengers, allowing Beast and Giant-Man to make the symbiote more controllable.