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Latest comments

Voted: Black Widow

She would never hit Natasha with the hammer....Natasha is too skilled and fast...After all, Natasha is a top-spy and higly trainned killer.
Voted: Black Widow

Natasha's intelligence only 75 ??? Harley's intelligence 90? Those data are switched...
Voted: Black Widow

Natasha would kick the crap out of Harley Quinn... The Black Widow is better in everything!
303 days ago
Hulk vs Shazam
Voted: Hulk

Hulk could break his neck easily....even more if he is angry!
Voted: Hulk

Hulk gets stronger when he gets angry. WW wouldnt have a chance, since Hulk would smash her easily...Plus, with Banner's intelligence, Hulk is far more intelligent than WW.
Voted: Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is immortal and invencible... He can beat WW in many ways...
Voted: Spawn

Spawn's powers are too much for WW. She would be defeated by his Hellish powers.
Voted: Spawn

Spawn is a creature from Hell....Superman cannot win...
303 days ago
Batman vs Beast
Voted: Beast

McCoy is much more intelligent and stronger than Batman. The bat-gadgets could not hurt him before he beats Batman.
Voted: Deadpool

Deadpool is better than Batman in everything....Wade's combat skills are superior, he is stronger and faster than Batman and he cannot be hurt nor killed.... Batman would run or die...

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