Rachel Roth


Raven's powers and abilities


Psionic ability of empathy, the power to absorb emotions, enabling her to feel the feelings of others.

Emotion Negation

She can also use her empathy to steal emotions from others, rendering them emotionally "numb".

Empathic Healing

She can absorb the pain of injured people to ease their suffering, and induce rapid healing.


Ability to move objects with mind and she uses this ability to lift up heavy objects like a couch or a car.


Raven can manifest her "Soul-Self" through astral projection. It normally takes the form of either her human shape or a giant raven.

Astral Projection

Through the use of her soul-self, Raven can project her consciousness into the mind, for therapeutic purposes (to aid in her own meditation, or to help calm an agitated ally), or for offensive attacks, rendering her enemies unconscious.


It also serves as a way to travel into other dimensions. Using her soul-self, she can teleport herself and others over vast distances.

Flight: With her new body came new powers and new abilities, the ability to fly being one of them.