Ra's Al Ghul (CW)

Ra's Al Ghul (CW)



Ra's Al Ghul (CW)'s powers and abilities


Due to his unrestricted access to the Lazarus Pit, Ra's was able to live for centuries while retaining his peak health, vitality, as well as the physical appearance of a middle-aged man. However, he mentioned the waters had started to lose their potency on him, meaning in time, the waters would be unable to stop his aging and extend his lifespan. Still, the Pit was potent enough to heal a deep cut on his hand in mere seconds, without leaving a trace of it being there in the first place.

Enhanced Strength

Due to the effects of the Lazarus Pit, Ra's was capable of overpowering Thea Queen with one hand and even managed to crush oliver's windpipe with a single punch.


Peak Human Condition

Due to the longevity has given to him by the Lazarus Pit and countless years of training and experience, Ra's was in outstanding physical form, capable of easily overpowering the likes of Oliver Queen (who he still beat to submission even after he had been trained by Ra's himself), Nyssa al Ghul and Thea Queen. Ra's was shown to be physically powerful enough to perform immense, even at times superhuman, feats of strength, speed, agility, durability and stamina. For example, Ra's easily caught a knife thrown at him by Thea with one hand, effortlessly reacted to Nyssa's fury-driven sword strike, and casually caught a sword strike from Oliver, something which bewildered the latter. Ra's even managed to crush Oliver's windpipe, which nearly killed him, with a single strike of his hand, and was able to kick him off a cliff casually and leave a sword deeply impaled in the ground after having defeated him. Ra's also managed to shatter Oliver's sword with a single blow from his own in their final battle. Additionally, he did not immediately die after being repeatedly fatally stabbed by Oliver, still having enough strength to declare Oliver as his successor and pass on the ring before ultimately succumbing to his wounds.

Genius-Level Intellect/Master Tactician/Leader

Ra's al Ghul was a great leader, as he had led the League of Assassins for more than a century with success since he accepted the offer of becoming its next leader. His extended lifespan enabled him to gain the wisdom of the ages and he is able to recognize and predict the actions of others, including their mindsets; Ra's was able to predict the future adversities (which he later helped to orchestrate) of Oliver and used this while attempting to convince the latter to take his offer. Ra's later performed killings dressed as the Arrow to frame Oliver and make Starling City turn against him. Throughout his years of raising Nyssa, Ra's would always find the sweets she stole and hid.


Ra's was capable of fluently speaking English and Arabic.

Occult Knowledge

Ra's possessed some knowledge of magic and mysticism, as he fully understood how the Lazarus Pit functioned.

Master Combatant/Martial Artist

As the leader of the League of Assassins and with centuries worth of fighting knowledge, Ra's al Ghul was a martial artist of incredibly tremendous, almost unrivaled skill, having killed hundreds of men within his lifespan. Ra's had undergone the same training like most League members do, but since he was chosen as the successor of the Demon's Head, his skills far surpassed most other assassins of the League as he had received the highest level of training any member could. During his leadership tenure, Ra's al Ghul's combat abilities were unmatched by anyone in or out of the League, save for Damien Darhk (who received the same level of training as he had) and possibly Vandal Savage and Dante. Even Malcolm Merlyn stated he would rather flee than face Ra's al Ghul. In their first duel, Ra's managed to overpower and disarm Oliver while the latter had two swords and the former had none while holding both hands behind his back with ease. Ra's easily countered any bare-handed moves Oliver made and repeatedly hit and knocked his opponent down when they dueled with swords. Even after Oliver surprised and disarmed him, Ra's regained a sword with his bare hands, easily catching Oliver's sword strike before landing a blow to the latter's windpipe that stunned him. Ra's also easily overpowered Nyssa and Thea. Even though by the time of their second duel Oliver had greatly improved his skills after being trained by Ra's himself personally, he was still overwhelmed and almost defeated, only managing to kill Ra's by surprising him at the last minute. Ra's was one of the deadliest combatants in the multiverse.

Master Swordsman

Ra's al Ghul's preferred weapon was a sword and with his long lifespan, his swordsmanship skills are nearly unrivaled. He was able to effortlessly defeat a group of assassins in a swordfight in mere seconds. Ra's also quickly outmatched Oliver in their first duel without much effort, with Oliver barely able to block any of Ra's attacks. Ra's once managed to slice Oliver's hand, only being disarmed after being surprised, and quickly stabbed Oliver in the mid-section after regaining a sword. Even after Oliver had improved his sword skills greatly due to having received training personally from Ra's himself, Ra's proved capable of going toe-to-toe with Oliver and ultimately managed to destroy his sword.

Master Archer

Ra's proved to be a master archer, as shown when he took out several thugs while posing as The Arrow. It can be assumed that Ra's skills in archery are at least equal to that of Oliver's, if not completely superior.


Ra's was able to silently break into Thea's loft and suddenly appear behind her, catching Thea completely off-guard.