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Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Team VegitoSuperman Prime (One Million) & Superman (Pre-Crisis)10 mo 2000
Man Of Miracles (Spawn)Shaper Of Worlds10 mo 3000
Batman (FS)Iron Man4 mo 4000
Death Of DeathGriever At The End Of All Things10 mo 3000
Superman & Wonder Woman (New 52)Thor & Iron Man2 y 5000
The HandChaos King4 mo 4000
Cosmic King ThorZeus2 y 3000
Kryptothrax (DM)Superman4 mo 2000
Cosmic Immortal HulkOld King Phoenix Thor (Earth-14412) & Doctor Doom (Earth-14412)10 mo 5000
The Wizard (New 52)Empty Hand (Earth-7)2 y 2000
AlcatrazCaptain America (MCU)4 mo 1000
Griever At The End Of All ThingsMulti-Death10 mo 2000
Team Captain Price (2019) (CoD)Alcatraz3 mo 1000
Team Cosmic Armor SupermanTeam The Living Tribunal2 y 3000
PhoenixThe Mad Celestial10 mo 2000
Black Lantern (AU)Thanos (God Quarry)2 y 1000
BT-7274 (Titanfall)Spider-Man (MCU)3 mo 2000
Glorian (Shaper Of World's Powers)Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)10 mo 5000
Multi-OblivionOld King Phoenix Thor (Earth-14412)2 y 6000
Major William Cage (Power Of Alpha Mimic)Spider-Man (MCU)3 mo 2000