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Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Infinity Ultron (What If...?) (MCU)Superman (DCEU)9 mo 14013
Lucifer Morningstar (New 52)Elaine Belloc7 mo 14013
BeyonderSpectre Oversoul2 y 7013
Vision (House Of Ideas)Rune King Thor2 y 10113
All-Father ThorKnull11 mo 17113
KnullEgo7 mo 16113
GloryGalactus7 mo 6113
Team The CreatorTeam The One-Above-All2 y 371003
Parademon (DCEU)Outrider (MCU)4 mo 11013
Ares (New 52)Superman (New 52)1 mo 7113
Doctor Strange Supreme (What If...?) (MCU)Arishem The Judge (MCU)10 mo 32703
Infinity Ultron (What If...?) (MCU)Alien X9 mo 7013
Lucifer Morningstar (New 52)Perpetua7 mo 11013
Those Who Sit Above In ShadowThe Queen Of Nevers2 y 381603
OdinGhost Rider (Zarathos' Power)2 y 10013
Infinity Ultron (What If...?) (MCU)Martian Manhunter9 mo 11013
Black Adam (Pre-Crisis)Darkseid (Pre-Crisis)7 mo 9013
Darkseid (DCEU)Gorr The God Butcher (MCU)6 mo 8013
ChallengerGalactus2 y 9013
The Queen Of NeversThe One Below All2 y 15313