Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
PerpetuaHecate4 mo 5000
The Last Sun (The Captive Superman) (Last 52)The Batman Who Laughs (Dark Multiverse)8 mo 5000
QuintessaDoctor Strange (MCU)2 mo 4000
Empty Hand (Earth-7)Life Entity4 mo 1000
Private Jack Mitchell (CoD)Section (CoD)8 mo 2000
PralayaGriever At The End Of All Things2 mo 3000
Spectre (Black Lantern)Abraxas4 mo 1000
Kong (MonsterVerse)Iron Man (Extrimis Infected Symbiote)8 mo 1000
Empty Hand (Earth-7)Dormammu (Eternity's Power)4 mo 2000
BT-7274 (Titanfall)Alcatraz7 mo 2000
Multi-DeathGod Spawn4 mo 2000
Thanos (MCU)MechaGodzilla (MonsterVerse)7 mo 3100
PhoenixDoctor Strange (Classic)2 mo 5000
Merged HulkSentry (Merged With Void)4 mo 2000
Green Lantern (Just Imagine)Green Lantern7 mo 3000
Protogene Monster (Cosmoball)Godzilla (MonsterVerse)7 mo 2000
Frigga (MCU)Captain America (MCU)2 mo 3000
Cosmic Armor SupermanDeath4 mo 1000
Quicksilver (Earth-1610)Superman7 mo 1000
The Coven (Witches)Wonder Woman (Witching Hour)4 mo 1000