Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
The Queen Of Nevers & PralayaThe Presence5000
Doctor FateThor2000
Living Tribunal (Post-retcon)Logos1000
Living Tribunal II & Living Tribunal (Post-retcon)The Living Tribunal4100
Superman Prime One-MillionTeam Iron Man1000
Doctor Doom (Earth-14412)The Coven (Witches)1000
Goron The 1st God Of DestructionBloodlust2000
TiamutDoctor Doom (Earth-14412)1000
The One From BeyondGod Spree The One To Save All4000
Team VegitoSuperman Prime One-Million & Superman (Pre-Crisis)2000
Thor & Captain AmericaSuperman (DCEU) & Shazam (DCEU)2000
Death Of DeathGriever At The End Of All Things3000
Dormammu (MCU)Ares (DCEU)1000
Griever At The End Of All ThingsThe One Below All2000
MazikeenGhost Rider (King Of Hell)4000
Team The Second (2nd Cosmos)Beyonder3000
Featherine Augustus AuroraTeam Doctor Strange (Black Priest)2000
Glorian (Shaper Of World's Powers)Silver Surfer (Shaper Of World's Powers)6000
KnullZombie Hulk (Power Cosmic)1000
The One From BeyondGod Spawn1000