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Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Superman (Pre-Crisis)Ares7 mo 2000
Superman Prime (One Million)Ganthet11 mo 4000
Superman (DCEU)Ant-Man (MCU)2 y 2000
HYDRA Stomper (What If...?) (MCU)Black Panther (MCU)9 mo 1000
Rune King ThorHighfather (True Form)7 mo 2000
The Mad CelestialZeus11 mo 2000
She-Hulk (MCU)Black Adam (DCEU)8 mo 1000
King Thanos (Earth-TRN666)Team Zeus11 mo 4000
Dweller-in-Darkness (MCU)Shang-Chi (MCU)8 mo 1000
Tyrell (Earth-1)Wonder Woman7 mo 1000
Old Man Phoenix (Earth-14412)Zeus11 mo 1000
Cosmic Armor SupermanTeam Cosmic Ghost Rider (Earth-TRN666)2 y 2000
Jesse FadenCal Kestis8 mo 1000
Highfather Odin (Earth-9602)Nyx7 mo 3000
Team Aquaman (DCEU)Team Thor (MCU)2 y 1100
Jack JoyceShang-Chi (MCU)8 mo 1000
GabrielKnull7 mo 5100
LogosLucifer Morningstar11 mo 3000
The One From BeyondThe One Below All2 y 1000
Cayde-6 (Destiny)Geralt (Witcher)7 mo 1000