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Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Cyborg (DCEU)Electro (SONY)1000
Cosmic King ThorLifebringer Galactus4000
ThanosDoctor Doom (Earth-14412)1000
The One From BeyondMyx Sea3000
Cosmic Armor Superman & Spectre (Backed By Presence)The Living Tribunal & Cosmic Immortal Hulk5100
Death Of DeathOne-Above-All (Post-Retcon)3000
The Beyonder (Earth-1298)Doctor Doom (Life Force)2000
Shaper Of WorldsWhite Phoenix of the Crown2000
Those Who Sit Above In ShadowGriever At The End Of All Things3000
Old King Phoenix ThorDeath4000
Phoenix ThaneCosmic Ghost Rider6000
Cosmic King ThorDoctor Strange (Black Priest)2000
Shaper Of WorldsMulti-Eternity (8th Cosmos)5000
Empty HandDormammu (Eternity's Power)2000
Beyonder (Post-Retcon)Challenger (Elder Of The Universe)2000
The One From BeyondThanos (God Quarry)1000
The Divine CreatorDark Presence3000
The Queen Of NeversElaine Belloc4000