Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
ThanosThe Mad Celestial1000
King ThanosTeam Zeus4000
Superman (Pre-Crisis)The Flash3000
The First FirmamentVision (House Of Ideas)5000
Cosmic Ghost RiderPsi-Hawk1000
Old Man PhoenixDoctor Doom (Earth-14412)1000
El RessurrectoThe One From Beyond1000
Death Of DeathDoctor Doom (Earth-14412)4000
Kylo RenTaskmaster (MCU)1000
Shaper Of WorldsWhite Phoenix of the Crown2000
The One-Above-AllDoctor Doom (Life Force)2000
Loki (God Of Stories)Griever At The End Of All Things3000
Wonder Woman (New 52)Alien X2000
Cosmic Armor SupermanTeam Space Punisher Hulk2000
Ego-PrimeLoki (The All-Butcher/Necrogod)1000
Cosmic Armor SupermanHecate3000
Luke Skywalker (Force Ghost)Darth Sidious5000
Thanos (God Quarry)Heart Of The Monster Hulk2000
Empty HandThe One From Beyond2000