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Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Sentry (Stable)The Sentry (Merged With Void)10001
Living Tribunal (Superflow)Vision (House Of Ideas)7001
OdinZeus (Reborn)7001
Thanos (Earth-9047)Nyx (House Of Ideas)7001
Griever At The End Of All ThingsThe Queen Of Nevers8001
The One From BeyondFeatherine Augustus Aurora18001
Featherine Augustus AuroraDark Presence8001
Shaper Of WorldsLogos9101
Team Shaper Of WorldsTeam The Living Tribunal7101
Immortal Hulk (Venomized)Superman7001
Shaper Of WorldsRune King Thor6101
The Presence (FOX)Lucifer Morningstar(FOX)8001
Nyx (House Of Ideas)Empty Hand16001
The Queen Of NeversThe Divine Creator7101
Thanos (God Quarry)Cosmic Immortal Hulk9001
The One From BeyondMetatron (strongest Of All Archangel)14201
Dark PresenceBeyonder10001
Spider-Man (Beyonders Powers)Aztar7001
Nyx (House Of Ideas)Mr. Mxyzptlk (World's Funnest)7001
Team The First FirmamentTeam Empty Hand14001