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Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Doctor Doom (Earth-14412)The Coven (Witches)11 mo 2000
Hulk (Earth-12091)Celestial2 y 2000
Hera (New 52)Darkseid (New 52)6 mo 4000
Splendid Ap (SWL)Thanos6 mo 4000
PralayaAzathoth11 mo 4000
The Beyonder (Earth-1298)Doctor Doom (Life Force)2 y 2000
Deadman (New 52)Doctor Fate (New 52)6 mo 1000
God TempestDarkseid6 mo 1000
TiamutDoctor Doom (Earth-14412)11 mo 1000
Morbius (SPUMC)Doctor Strange (MCU)2 y 5000
Iron GodAll-Father Thor5 mo 3000
KnullTeam Iron Man6 mo 5100
Team VegitoSuperman Prime (One Million) & Superman (Pre-Crisis)11 mo 2000
Cosmic Ghost Phoenix RiderRune King Thor5 mo 4000
Man Of Miracles (Spawn)Shaper Of Worlds11 mo 3000
Apex LexSentry5 mo 2000
Darkfather (DM)Darkseid5 mo 6000
Death Of DeathGriever At The End Of All Things11 mo 3000
Superman & Wonder Woman (New 52)Thor & Iron Man2 y 5000
Yennefer (Witcher 2019)Triss (Witcher 2019)5 mo 2000