Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Team The First FirmamentTeam Empty Hand (Earth-7)4 mo 21014
Loki (God Of Stories)The Presence4 mo 212014
God Emperor DoomDoctor Doom (Earth-14412)4 mo 23114
Nyx (House Of Ideas)The Leviathan Of Stories4 mo 23714
Darkseid (Infinite Frontier) (Earth Omega)The Living Tribunal7 mo 46104
Loki (God Of Stories)Cosmic Armor Superman4 mo 441204
The Black WinterKnull11 mo 21214
Superman (DCEU)Steppenwolf (Snyder Cut) (DCEU)8 mo 19814
Loki (God Of Stories)Lucifer Morningstar4 mo 23514
The One From BeyondThe One-Above-All6 mo 411104
Darkseid (Infinite Frontier) (Earth Omega) & Darkseid (Revision Mechanism)Team Tori-Bot4 mo 21014
Team Hela (MCU)Team Thor (MCU)11 mo 27814
Old Man Phoenix (Earth-14412)Cosmic Ghost Rider (Earth-TRN666)4 mo 23414
Cosmic Armor Superman & Wonder Woman (Witching Hour)Scarlet Witch (Life Force) & Rune King Thor5 mo 19914
Lucifer MorningstarThose Who Sit Above In Shadow3 mo 13113
Cosmic Ghost Rider (Earth-TRN666)Ghost Rider (King Of Hell)5 mo 7113
Old King Phoenix Thor (Earth-14412)Loki (God Of Stories)4 mo 11013
Team Wonder WomanTeam Thor5 mo 9013
Darkseid (Infinite Frontier) (Earth Omega)Cosmic Immortal Hulk6 mo 40003
Ultron (What If...?) (MCU)Martian Manhunter25 d 9013