Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Loki (God Of Stories)Scarlet Witch (Life Force)9013
Superman (DCEU)Steppenwolf (Snyder Cut) (DCEU)15613
Parademon (DCEU)Outrider (MCU)7013
Lucifer MorningstarThose Who Sit Above In Shadow13113
Cosmic Ghost Rider (Earth-18138)Cosmic King Thor8013
The FulcrumGod Emperor Doom12113
Old King Phoenix Thor (Earth-14412)Loki (God Of Stories)10013
Nyx (House Of Ideas)The Presence18113
The One From BeyondThe One-Above-All331003
Those Who Sit Above In ShadowThe Queen Of Nevers301503
Thor (Warrior Madness)Superman Prime (One Million)9213
Loki (God Of Stories)Lucifer Morningstar14313
Doctor Doom (Earth-14412)Doctor Doom (Life Force)7013
Loki (God Of Stories)Cosmic Armor Superman33803
ScrierDoctor Strange (Classic)9113
ThanosLoki (God Of Stories)11213
Nyx (House Of Ideas)The Leviathan Of Stories15613
Cosmic Armor Superman & Wonder Woman (Witching Hour)Scarlet Witch (Life Force) & Rune King Thor13713
Thor (Gladiator) (MCU)Doomsday (DCEU)15213