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Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
The HandElaine Belloc4 mo 12001
ThorSuperman (FS)4 mo 7001
Multi-DeathMulti-Oblivion11 mo 9001
The Last Sun (Last 52)Thor4 mo 14101
Chaos King (True Form)Nyx (House Of Ideas)11 mo 7201
HulkSuperman (Pre-Crisis)7 mo 7901
Team Great Evil BeastTeam The Beyonder (Earth-1298)2 y 15001
Team LogosWhite Phoenix of the Crown11 mo 7001
Team The First FirmamentThe Presence11 mo 9001
Doctor Doom (Life Force)Rune King Thor2 y 8101
Shang-Chi (MCU)The Flash (DCEU)29 d 12001
Black Panther (MCU)Morbius (SPUMC)2 y 7001
Team Elaine BellocThe Presence & The One-Above-All2 y 10201
Trigon (New 52)Trigon7 d 9001
Griever At The End Of All ThingsThe Queen Of Nevers10 mo 14001
Glorian (Shaper Of World's Powers)Silver Surfer (Shaper Of World's Powers)10 mo 11001
PerpetuaDeath Of The Endless2 y 7001
Stan LeeFeatherine Augustus Aurora (Umineko Verse)2 y 13701
Zeus (Reborn)Thor10 mo 8201
Team Wonder Woman (Witching Hour)Team Sentry (Stable)2 y 9001