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Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Team Empty Hand (Earth-7)The Destroyer Of Reality2 y 16201
Thanos (Earth-9047)Nyx (House Of Ideas)2 y 8001
The PresenceThose Who Sit Above In Shadow2 y 9101
Multi-Eternity (8th Cosmos)Cosmic Armor Superman2 y 17101
Spider-Man (MCU)Electro (TASM)2 y 10101
Empty Hand (Earth-7) & Cosmic Immortal HulkGreat Evil Beast & Mandrakk (DM)2 y 10301
Nyx (House Of Ideas)The Divine Creator2 y 12001
Cosmic Armor SupermanTeam The One-Above-All2 y 6101
The Queen Of NeversThanos (Astral Regulator)2 y 8001
Superman (Pre-Crisis)Jiren & Beerus7 mo 10101
Cosmic Ghost Phoenix RiderOld King Phoenix Thor (Earth-14412)6 mo 9101
The HandEmpty Hand (Earth-7)6 mo 8101
Team Empty Hand (Earth-7)Team Beyonder2 y 7101
Wonder Woman (FS)Thor (Unworthy)6 mo 8001
Elaine BellocShaper Of Worlds2 y 8001
Superman (DCEU)MechaGodzilla (MonsterVerse)5 mo 11101
Phoenix ForceMulti-Oblivion4 mo 10701
Hellboy (Wielding Excalibur) (H19M)Thanos (MCU)11 mo 7001
Quantum TravellerThe One From Beyond2 y 9001
Sentry (Stable)Strange Visitor Superman4 mo 7201