Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Shaper Of WorldsLoki (God Of Stories)3 mo 30715
Steppenwolf (Snyder Cut) (DCEU)Thanos (MCU)6 mo 435605
Parademon (DCEU)Chitauri Footsoldier (MCU)6 mo 12025
Beyonder & Those Who Sit Above In ShadowThe First Firmament & The Queen Of Nevers2 mo 291015
Team Empty Hand (Earth-7)Team The Destroyer Of Reality3 mo 522605
Team HulkTeam Rune King Thor4 mo 35115
Darkseid (Infinite Frontier) (Earth Omega)Perpetua6 mo 33215
The One-Above-AllNyx (House Of Ideas)3 mo 42215
Thanos (MCU)The Presence (Arrowverse)30 d 39315
Michael DemiurgosDark Presence2 mo 34615
Thor (Gladiator) (MCU)Superman (DCEU)2 mo 282615
The One From BeyondBloodlust5 mo 39615
Doomsday (DCEU)Thor (Pre-Ragnarok) (MCU)3 mo 322915
Darkseid (Infinite Frontier) (Earth Omega) & Darkseid (Revision Mechanism)Team Tori-Bot3 mo 20014
Team Hela (MCU)Team Thor (MCU)10 mo 26814
The One From BeyondThe One-Above-All5 mo 411104
Old Man Phoenix (Earth-14412)Cosmic Ghost Rider (Earth-TRN666)3 mo 23414
Cosmic Armor Superman & Wonder Woman (Witching Hour)Scarlet Witch (Life Force) & Rune King Thor4 mo 19914
The Presence (Arrowverse)Lucifer Morningstar (Arrowverse)30 d 27014
GodThe One Below All11 mo 24314