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Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Multi-DeathMulti-Oblivion2 y 9001
Chaos King (True Form)Nyx (House Of Ideas)2 y 7201
HulkSuperman (Pre-Crisis)8 mo 7901
Lucifer Morningstar (New 52)Barbatos7 mo 7001
Team Great Evil BeastTeam The Beyonder (Earth-1298)2 y 17001
Cosmic Immortal HulkIron God6 mo 9001
Iron GodThe Living Tribunal6 mo 10101
Thor (MCU)Thor (MCU)6 mo 17501
Scarlet Scarab (MCU)Moon Knight (MCU)2 mo 14001
Team LogosWhite Phoenix of the Crown2 y 7001
The HandRune King Thor6 mo 6101
The HandThose Who Sit Above In Shadow6 mo 18001
Team The First FirmamentThe Presence2 y 9001
Wonder Woman (FS)Batman (FS)6 mo 7001
Doctor Doom (Life Force)Rune King Thor2 y 8101
Wonder Woman (Anti-Crisis Energy)Cosmic Immortal Hulk5 mo 7001
Black Panther (MCU)Morbius (SPUMC)2 y 14101
Team Elaine BellocThe Presence & The One-Above-All2 y 10201
Griever At The End Of All ThingsThe Queen Of Nevers2 y 14001
Glorian (Shaper Of World's Powers)Silver Surfer (Shaper Of World's Powers)2 y 11001