Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Team The First FirmamentBeyonder4 mo 11501
Those Who Sit Above In ShadowThe Leviathan Of Stories3 mo 13001
PhoenixThe Coven (Witches)3 mo 6301
The CreatorRune King Thor3 mo 7001
Spider-Man (Beyonders Powers)White Phoenix of the Crown5 mo 7001
Cosmic Immortal HulkDark Presence3 mo 8001
Team OvervoidTeam Great Evil Beast5 mo 7001
Steppenwolf (Snyder Cut) (DCEU)Abomination (MCU)6 mo 9001
MosaicScarlet Witch3 mo 8101
Cosmic Immortal HulkLoki (God Of Stories)4 mo 10001
Superman (DCEU)Darkseid (DCEU)1 mo 16101
Team SentryTeam Superman4 mo 11201
Team Empty Hand (Earth-7)The Destroyer Of Reality4 mo 16201
Doctor Strange Supreme (What If...?) (MCU) & The Watcher (MCU)Ultron (What If...?) (MCU)26 d 14001
HecateAll-Father Doom (Earth-928)4 mo 9001
Those Who Sit Above In ShadowTeam Fallen One (Earth-TRN666)4 mo 7001
The PresenceThose Who Sit Above In Shadow3 mo 10101
Spider-Man (MCU)Electro (SONY) (TASM)6 mo 9101
Vision (House Of Ideas)Thanos (Astral Regulator)4 mo 8001
The PresenceDark Presence3 mo 15001