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Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Father TimeInfinity11 mo 4000
Ego the Necroworld (Earth-14412)World Breaker Hulk5 mo 2000
Thanos (God Quarry)Galactus (World Butcher) (Earth-14412)11 mo 1000
Cosmic Ghost Phoenix RiderKing Thanos (Earth-TRN666)5 mo 3000
BarbatosHecate5 mo 1000
ZeusGoddess Of War11 mo 1000
Darkseid (DCEU)Gorr The God Butcher (MCU)5 mo 3000
Warlock (Infinity Entity)Thanos (Post-Infinity Siblings)5 mo 4000
PerpetuaWhite Phoenix of the Crown2 y 5000
Thanos (Astral Regulator)Logos11 mo 4000
Witch Of The WindsIron Man5 mo 4000
The PresenceThe One From Beyond2 y 2000
Skull Devil (MonsterVerse)Kong (MonsterVerse)4 mo 3000
EviliorThe One From Beyond2 y 1000
Living Tribunal (Superflow)White Phoenix of the Crown11 mo 3000
Team Doctor Strange (Modern)Team Scarlet Witch (Earth-58163)2 y 2000
Ego-PrimePsi-Hawk11 mo 1000
Living Tribunal (MCU)Hela (MCU)4 mo 3000
Kylo RenEbony Maw (MCU)2 y 1000
Cosmic Immortal HulkTeam Galactus (Lifebringer)11 mo 6000