Maxwell Jordan



The ever-optimistic Maxwell Jordan was among the first intake of students to attend the rebuilt Xavier Institute and was placed on the Corsairs, a squad mentored by co-headmaster Cyclops. An average student as a result of his unofficial status as "class clown," Jordan hoped to make up his grades by joining two other students in stealing a copy of a computer science test. Caught in the act by Kitty Pryde, Jordan and his accomplices were forced to spend a day with former professional thief Gambit in the hopes that they would learn from his seeming reformation. However, Gambit involved them in his attempt to reclaim a surveillance video that placed him in a compromising position, teaching them thieving techniques that allowed them to obtain it for him. This has inspired Jordan to become a professional thief, although whether this was just youthful folly has yet to be determined. Quill was one of the few students who had retained his powers after M-Day. He continued to stay and learn at the Institute, but the squad system had been disbanded. During the attack on the Mansion by Reverend William Stryker, Quill met his fate and died.

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