Daisy Johnson

Prime Marvel Universe

Quake's powers and abilities

Inhuman Metabolism

Daisy possesses certain physical skills superior to those of the finest human athletes. Her Inhuman metabolism affords her slightly greater reaction time, endurance, speed, and strength than the human race's most perfect physical specimen, Captain America.

Enhanced Reflexes

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Strength

Vibration Manipulation

Daisy is able to generate powerful waves of vibrations which can produce effects resembling those of earthquakes. Her training under Fury enables her to target her vibrations with pinpoint accuracy, causing targeted objects to vibrate themselves apart, from the inside out. This is shown in her being able to prevent the detonation of an antimatter bomb implanted in the body of Lucia von Bardas by destroying its power supply, and exploding the heart of Wolverine while in his chest, to halt an enraged attack on S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury. Daisy has recently been shown to be able to use her powers without her gantlets, with the same amount of control as if she were wearing them.

Vibration Immunity

She is immune to any harmful effects of the vibrations she creates.


She also has or was given a form of psychic shielding.


Expert Martial Artist

Daisy is a superb hand-to-hand combatant, training by Nick Fury himself. Recently it was shown she was able to hold her own against Bobbi Morse, a master martial artist.

Expert Marksman

Daisy is an excellent marksman, trained by Nick Fury himself. Bucky Barnes himself trusted her skills as a sniper during their partnership.

Skilled Spy

Daisy was a leading espionage agent, adept at undercover assignments