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Star Trek

Q's History

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Q first made his presence known to Jean Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise D, in an effort to intimidate humanity out of further exploration of the galaxy. Q failed to steer the crew away from its pursuit of knowledge and then put humanity itself on trial, with the threat of Q destroying the human race looming overhead, Picard succeeded in proving to the Q that humans should be allowed to exist. Q was not pleased that he had lost in the eyes of his own people and returned to torment the Enterprise several other times, once giving Commander Riker the powers of a Q, and most sinister of all, introducing the Borg to the Federation sooner than the two were destined to meet.

In another meeting Q's powers were taken away from him and he was placed on the Enterprise. During his stay the Enterprise had to protect from an alien race known as the the Calamarain tried to kill. When he tried to save the Enterprise by leading the Calamarain away with a shuttle, he was given his powers back.

Q also had a brief encounter with the crew of DS9, and surprisingly became somewhat of a friend to the crew of Voyager.