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Battles created by PooP

Team 1 Team 2
DarkseidTeam Thor2 mo 7813
Ghost RiderBatgod2 mo 2012
Doctor Fate (Lords of Order)Scarlet Witch (Earth-58163)3 mo 3000
Doctor Strange (Black Priest)Mr. Mxyzptlk (World's Funnest)1 mo 1000
Captain Marvel (Asgardian Armored)God Of Gods Shazam23 d 3000
Plastic ManEgo4 mo 1000
Captain America (Phoenix Force)Team Iron Man (Celestial Symbiote Armor)3 mo 2000
Wonder Woman (Anti-Crisis Energy) & Rune King ThorThe Darkest Knight (DM) & Cosmic Armor Superman1 mo 1000
Team The Darkest Knight (DM)Team Soldier Supreme3 mo 1000
Team Captain America (Infinity Gauntlet)Team Cosmic Armor Superman2 mo 4000
Team HellbatTeam Iron Man (Godkiller Armor MK II)3 mo 3000
SupermanSupergirl & Superwoman2 mo 3000
Team DarkseidTeam Thanos4 mo 2000
Team Green GoblinTeam The Joker18 d 1000
Captain America (Infinity Gauntlet)Black Panther (Panther God Form)2 mo 2000
Arishem The Judge & Eson the SearcherDarkseid3 mo 1000
Team Arishem The JudgeTeam Darkseid20 d 4000
Superboy-PrimeSuperman (Earth-22)3 mo 3000
Team Captain America (Phoenix Force)Team Cosmic Armor Superman3 mo 5000
Team Captain America (Infinity Gauntlet)Team Flash Dr Manhattan1 mo 2000