One-Above-All's History

Undoubtedly the most mysterious character within the Marvel Multiverse. The One-Above-All has only appeared and been mentioned a few times. He is not to be confused with One Above All, the leader of the Celestials, or any religious figures. The One-Above-All was first mentioned by the Living Tribunal when Doctor Strange first encountered the entity. The-One-Above-All is often unofficially cited as Marvel's creator.

When his final confrontation with Asteroth nearly left him dead, Beta Ray Bill was restored to life by a mysterious, glowing white-robed man (who was clearly one of the more anonymous representations of The One-Above-All.)

When the Fantastic Four journeyed far beyond the boundaries of existence they ended up in The One-Above-All's personal realm where he took the form of Jack Kirby. After a short conversation with him The One-Above-All healed Reed's severely damaged face and sent them all home.

The One-Above-All's was seen taking the guise of a homeless man and was advising Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) to be with his Aunt May who was dying at the time as well as telling Peter that death is a natural part of life and we as people must learn to let those we love who are dying go when the time has come. Peter did not listen to what The One-Above-All said.