Old Man Logan (FOX)

Old Man Logan (FOX)

James Howlett

Old Man Logan (FOX)'s powers and abilities

Due to his advanced age, these powers have reduced significantly.

Animal Empathy

Logan can sense the emotional state of animals on a basic level such as fear, anger, happiness or pain. He can communicate with them to make them aware of his actions and intent. This allows for dangerous animals to leave him alone rather than attacking him as would they normally would other people.

Enhanced Strength

With his body naturally evolved and conditioned to the peak of human physical potential and continually adjusting to various forms of damage. After his skeleton was laced with adamantium, he can still effortlessly carry himself. He can overpower full grown humans with ease, able to hurl them with a single hand. His strength also extends to his legs, as he is able to jump several feet into the air.

Enhanced Speed

Logan is able to run over 60 mph and move with reflexes unobtainable by normal human beings. When sensing Victor was near and going after Kayla, he was able to leave from his job site and reach her car in minutes.

Enhanced Agility

Logan has remarkable equilibrium and coordination, greater than any human athlete. He capable of scaling vertical surfaces with remarkable efficiency. He is maneuverable and graceful, able to pursue and outrun a target in various types of terrains. His skills allow him to fluidly dodge and attack from different directions without losing balance. He is shown noticeable acrobatics, lunging from trees to attack his target.

Enhanced Senses

Logan's senses are heightened to levels similar to various animals. He can track down and identify people through their scent alone, as well as detect their presence within a large area through scent and sound. This makes one disguising themselves, even Mystique using her shape-shifting powers, pointless due to the inability to change their scent. His hearing is equally acute, able to clearly hear the low whisper of William Stryker while submerged in water. He can see much further and closer than normal humans with perfect clarity, even in total darkness. His senses enable him to sense when danger is near, such as at the Yashida's funeral.

Regenerative Healing Factor

Logan can heal and regenerate all physical and mental harm to himself instantly. Any damaged area or lost anatomy will be completely restored with no lingering side effects in seconds, even forcing objects embedded out to heal properly. Even if he clinically dies, he can quickly resuscitate himself, making him near-immortal. Despite being shot twice in the head and losing his memories, Logan was able to regenerate his brain cells and eventually regain his lost memories years later. However, he is still capable of feeling pain and enough harm can render him unconscious.

Ageless Longevity

Logan's healing factor keeps him from aging beyond his physical prime, having remained virtually unchanged despite being almost two hundred years of age, potentially able to live forever. In addition to prolonging his life, his overall health, prowess, and condition remain at its peak.

Disease/Contaminant Immunity

Logan is virtually immune to all viruses, diseases, and most poisons or toxins. Only the most potent of chemicals will affect him and only for a brief period before returning to normal.

Enhanced Vitality

Logan exhibits inexhaustible drive, willpower and stamina, able to continue his exertions far longer than any normal human while showing no signs of weakening or exhaustion. He is highly accustomed to pain, able to withstand most levels of it while only slightly fazing him. He also has great endurance, having continue fighting effectively after suffering several critical wounds while his healing powers were suppressed and likewise survives cutting open his chest without being sedated.

Environmental/Weather Adaptation

Logan is able to survive and adapt to any environment or weather conditions without changing shape to adapt. Logan is able to survive at any temperature without discomfort. He can wear minimal clothing in sub-zero temperatures without any harm.

Psionic Resistance

Logan is highly resilient, if not immune, to all but the most powerful of telepathic manipulation. This is made evident when Silverfox failed to make him listen to her request, despite clutching his arm. Even more, Logan's mind is able to withstand greater trauma, namely being to be sent back to 1973 by Shadowcat safely when Professor Xavier couldn't. Against Xavier's seizure-induced psychic attacks, he remained mostly mobile and survived the after-effects unharmed.

Retractable Claws

Logan possesses a pair of three, 12-inch retractable claws in each forearm that emerge between each of his fingers' knuckles. While they were originally made of dense bone like the rest of his skeletal structure, able to tear through most matter unharmed, they were surgically bonded with a near-indestructible metal adamantium, which also caused a noticeable side-effect of reshaping his rough claws into sleek blades. These metal claws allow him to cut through virtually any substance with little resistance.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant

Due to his advanced age and countless battles in both various wars and cage fights, Logan is well-versed in various forms of hand-to-hand combat, demonstrating proficiency in boxing during his match with Blob, as well as many other martial arts. Logan was able to compete against Lady Deathstrike, Deadpool, and Mystique, who are some of the best fighters on the planet. While mostly using savage slashes with his claws in combat, he is shown to be very precise and methodical, quickly adjusting his tactics to better suit the situation and type of opponent.

Skilled Leader

Despite being more of a solo man, when the situation requires it, Logan is a capable leader. He led the X-Men into victory at the battle of Alcatraz, and his leadership ability was instrumental in the mission to stop Trask from building his Sentinels.


Logan is able to sneak around at the Xavier institute with multiple "mercenaries" armed with night vision goggles and guns, being shot only once. Furthermore, he was able to sneak around Magneto's base camp, and whilst being attacked by several mutants, he still didn't alert the full force of the Brotherhood of Mutants and was able to slip among them after defeating the small group of mutants. In addition, he snuck into Three Mile Island's facility without being noticed.

Weapons Proficiency

Logan is proficient in handling any melee weapon or firearm, due to his war experiences. The usage of his adamantium claws translates to skill in wielding tekko-kagi claws, hand-held weapons used by Japanese ninja for self-defense against sword-wielding opponents, and are designed to both block, trap and disarm enemies. Despite his stated dislike for guns causing him not to use them for a very long time, in 2029 a weakened Logan showed great enough marksmanship to kill Zander Rice and shot Pierce's arm in a matter of moments, catching both of them completely by surprise.